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Cambourne Castles is insured for Public Liability risks in the event of damage caused to hirers, their guests, or their property, whilst using the equipment, if the operation and safety instructions given to the hirer are adhered to. Any person who hires our equipment is responsible for the safety of everyone using the equipment, those in the vicinity of the equipment, and for the protection of the equipment, whilst in their care. Hirers are liable for repair or replacement costs for any damage done to the equipment as a result of misuse or reckless activity. Hirers are liable for the replacement of equipment as a result of theft.


Persons using the inflatable do so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the customer (hirer) to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to persons or damage to the inflatable and other equipment.

Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed:

1) A responsible adult must supervise the inflatable at all times.

2) Some units have a maximum height limit. Please ensure no-one over the stated height uses the equipment.
3) No food or drinks to be consumed on the inflatable.
4) All shoes, badges, jewellery and sharp objects MUST be removed. It is recommended that spectacles are also removed.
5) No party-poppers, coloured streamers or "silly string" must be used near or on the inflatable.
6) Climbing, hanging, or sitting on the walls is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed.
7) Ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded, and limit the numbers depending on age and size of children using it. See safety information label on the inflatable. If the children are colliding into each other then it is too crowded.

8) Try to avoid large children and small children from using the inflatable at the same time. Some children require strict supervision.
9) If the inflatable is not being used for any part of the day, please switch the blower off at the mains.

10) Do not allow users to be on the unit during inflation or deflation.

11) In the unlikely event of a power failure and subsequent deflation of the inflatable make sure all users are evacuated off the inflatable immediately.

12) Do not allow anyone to bounce on the step/front apron. The step is there to help users get on and off.

13) People with a history of back or neck problems are not allowed on the inflatable.

14) The equipment suitable for adults must not be used by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

15) Ensure that the vent on the side of the blower is kept clear at all times.

16) Do not allow children to play around the back of the inflatable where the blower and pipe are as any damage to the blower caused by tipping could deflate the castle with other children on it.

17) The safety mats must be kept in place at all times. They must be moved back in place when they shift as the children jump on and off them.

18) The inflatable must not be used in winds (or gusts of wind) over 24 mph. This equates to a moderate breeze and can be described as “sways small leafy trees.” If the wind picks up during the hire period the inflatable must be deflated.

19) Under no circumstances must fireworks be let off in the vicinity of the inflatable.

20 No smoking near the inflatable.
21) Please leave the inflatable inflated at the end of the hire as we like to check it over and give it a quick hoover!


These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment. If you are unsure about anything, please contact us.

All our bouncy castles are cleaned and inspected before and after every use. Please note that all outdoor inflatables are to be pitched on grass. We do not install them on concrete, tarmac, dirt, patios, decking or AstroTurf. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that the inflatable will fit and if on delivery we find that it doesn't, customers will be liable for the full hire cost.

We hold £5,000,000 public liability insurance.


Sean and our delivery staff are RPII Registered having been examined and found competent to carry out the role of Operator and Attendant of Children’s Inflatable play Equipment as defined in HSE Guidelines detailed in BSEN14960:2013. The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for Inflatable Play Equipment

All our inflatables have been inspected and tested for compliance in accordance with the HSE guidelines as detailed in BSEN14960:2013. They have also been inspected under the PIPA scheme. The PIPA scheme is supported by the whole industry and was developed in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive.

A PIPA tag means equipment is:

  • Designed to recognised standard based on safety

  • Tested by nationally qualified inspector

  • Approved for commercial use

The PIPA scheme delivers:

  • Improved safety for your children

  • HSE recognised best practice

  • Quality assurance

  • Certified initial test

  • Certified annual testing

PIPA has the support of:

  • All the industry associations

  • The Health and Safety Executive

  • Local authorities

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